Hybrid Cloud

Any journey involves many steps to reach the final destination.

When migrating to the cloud, organisations are challenged with moving software applications that are on-premise to an off-premise cloud network such as Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud.

Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers have to balance personnel, capital resources and operational processes to deliver best practice business cloud transformation projects. These dynamics have made hybrid cloud solutions attractive, delivering scalability and cost savings of cloud technology interoperability with proprietary on-premise environments. We’ve got your back as our Melbourne based hybrid cloud consultants are skilled in all areas of cloud migration.

Not All Business Processes are suited to the Cloud

Where highly sensitive data needs to be protected or processes are mission critical in sectors including government services, health and medical or financial services, our hybrid cloud consultants in the Melbourne office can advise on which of the following cloud infrastructures are suitable:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Any combination of the above

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hybrid Cloud Vs Cloud

Let’s be upfront, IT projects are driven by budgets. Experienced IT professional services who have read The Mythical Man-Month realize adding more people to a late technical project plan delays the final delivery timeline.

During the discovery phase, our Melbourne based cloud advisory consultants are laser-focused on timelines. We review both hybrid cloud and cloud-based project plans, detailing timelines, budgets and where each approach can save time and money.

Third Party Software Integrations with Hybrid Cloud Environments

Where our experienced consulting greatly benefits organisations in managing hybrid cloud environments is understanding which third-party software components are best suited to achieve workflow and operational efficiencies. Depending on which cloud environments your IT infrastructure integrates with will determine which third-party applications are available.

From data storage systems to monitoring software, mobile security and data protection, our consultants are experts in hybrid cloud integrations with on-premise and Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructures. It is important that IT policies are put in place so teams across your organization are not managing different hybrid clouds from AWS, Google and Azure.