We help businesses improve agility, eliminate downtime and reduce costs by automating the delivery of on-premise and cloud services.

Network Modernisation

Set your organisation up for the demands of tomorrow

Compute & Storage

Rent peak demand: scale easier and reduce overloading


All of your cloud & on-prem services in one seamless platform.

Network Modernisation

Set your organisation up for the demands of tomorrow.

The explosion in data, traffic, devices, security and compliance obligations put more pressure on modern businesses than ever before.

Linktech Australia’s network services take care of your network’s growing demands for security and scalability with a cloud, hybrid-cloud or on-prem environment. You’ll get access to expert guidance and advice on your virtual and physical network infrastructure.

Our networking services range from network connectivity consulting, integration to managed network services and software-defined networking.


Network Advisory Services

Connect and simplify your networks. Create a security-first foundation that sets your business up for the latest technology and cloud.


Software-Defined Networking

Enhance your network with a modern architecture that can detect traffic and automatically manage workloads and traffic with a security-first approach.


Managed Network Services

Increase reliability, reduce complexity and costs of your data centre, cloud, hybrid cloud, local or wide area networks.


WAN Network Transformation

Bring all your systems together with a multi-network WAN (hybrid/SD-WAN) solution with scalability across multiple locations and countries.


Always-on Hybrid Networks

Scale effectively and enhance security for all your networks. Access a mix of on-prem & cloud services that span cloud-native and traditional applications.

Compute & Storage Solutions

Rent peak demand: Scale easier and reduce overloading.

As your organisation’s computing and storage requirements change – how do you scale up and down quickly and efficiently?

Selecting the right infrastructure is critical to keeping your organisation running smoothly.

Take advantage of scalable infrastructure that meets the demands of tomorrow.

We help you develop a modern data centre or storage solutions that leverage Hybrid-cloud technologies to put your workloads or storage on-premise or in the cloud. As demands change, cloud environments can be automatically spun-up to handle the excess demand. This seamless experience keeps your mission-critical systems running efficiently and effectively without any congestion issues.

Take advantage of scalable enterprise-class compute and storage solutions with high-availability architecture. Our team assesses numerous technologies to recommend the right solution for your requirements.


Instantly increase performance as demand change


Reduce on-prem investment costs


Resource allocation when you need it

Infrastructure Modernisation

Bring all of your cloud and on-prem services together on one easy to use platform.

Get ready for the demands of tomorrow.

Integrate all of your on-premises and cloud services in to one platform that scales as your business demands change. We give you the tools that reduce on-premises investments with highly available infrastructure.

As modern businesses demand more flexibility and functionality from IT departments, it can be difficult to predict demand to keep services operating seamlessly. IT departments need to fundamentally change how they deliver value with higher speed and agility while reducing costs and minimising risks.

Our Hybrid IT solution is designed for operational simplicity, business agility and security. By utilising the best-in-class solutions, you’ll be able to choose how your company consumes services in the most effective way that enables your business to grow as demands change.

Modernise your data centre and close the innovation gap

Our automation solution will automate the delivery of hybrid cloud services with full financial transparency. You’ll get control and reliability of on-premise IT, but with the simplicity and flexibility of public cloud technology.


Infrastructure as a service

Host your critical services and resources in the Australian cloud securely


Software as a service

Integrate SaaS applications with existing on-premise software


Protect & Secure

Protect your organisations most valuable assets



Single sign-on identity and policy compliance



Control and manage legacy processes and systems with governance frameworks